Before the Storm: Know the risk and prepare

We’re entering into peak hurricane season. Know your risk ahead of time and get prepared for a storm, so you’re ready to act after it hits.

Following these tips will ensure a smoother claim process.

Photographer with camera at work

  • Prepare to file a claim now by taking pictures and videos of your property – inside and out. Don’t forget to include cars, boats and other important valuables. Remember to store your photos, videos, and insurance documents in the cloud or elsewhere.
  • Make sure to repair any damage to your roof or exterior. Clean out drains and gutters, and trim trees and landscaping. Also, add extra sealant around windows and doors to or even apply weather stripping for a tight seal.


  • Schedule a call with your insurance agent. Confirm and review your coverage carefully with them. Ask about flood insurance. Since most policies don’t cover damage due to floods, you might want to take out an additional policy.
  • Gather Important papers, make copies, store safely online – in a cloud or elsewhere. But remember to have several copies. Keep copies of important phone numbers, policy numbers like that of your insurance company.
  • Have a hurricane action plan, so you know where you’ll go when a storm hits. A good rule of thumb: run from the water, hide from the wind.

  • Consider some major property upgrades like installing storm shutters or hurricane impact windows.

You can find additional key resources in the Florida Department of Financial Services online disaster guide and on