Do employers need COVID-19 waivers?

As companies resume their regular working hours and operations, employers are looking for ways to protect themselves if an employee falls sick or worse.

Many have adopted COVID-19 waivers for customers and employees. Before requiring waivers for your employees and customers to sign, consider what you want the waiver to accomplish and if the document will protect your business or cause more problems.

It’s clear that when considering using a waiver, you should use documents designed solely for employees and have another for customers and clients. Don’t use the same waiver one for both populations.

When to consider using a waiver for employees?

  • Employees who return to work on their own may be more open to signing a waiver.Make sure the waiver states that the employee returned to work voluntarily and was under no pressure to return.
  • Employees attending a meeting at their employer’s office or at their request. The waiver should specify that the employee willingly participates in meetings, regardless of the location, of their own accord.

Waivers should also include the employer’s safety guidelines, which the employee agrees to follow.

Waivers for Customers

When considering waivers for customers and clients, a business owner should make certain that visitors voluntarily gather for meetings and visit offices and workplaces, as well as comply with all safety guidelines.

Safety Guidelines
As a precaution, employers and business owners should consider using all certified safety guidelines such as those issued by local and state authorities and the Centers for Disease Control.

When to seek legal advice?
When dealing with liability issues, employers should always consult with their insurer and their attorney. Waiver templates available online are good as a reference and a means of guidance. However, to ensure the waiver is legal, consider contacting an attorney who can draft an appropriate document or determine if the waiver Is necessary.

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