Fatal pedestrian accidents high in Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area

Fatal pedestrian accidents

The organization, Transportation for America, researched preventable pedestrian accidents for over one decade to determine where the majority of these accidents unfolded. The results of the study indicated that four different metro areas in the state of Florida were considered to be the most dangerous in the country in regards to these accidents.

These four metro areas include: Tampa-St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Orlando-Kissimmee, and Miami-Fort Lauderdale. People have been moving to Florida at a fast pace over the last 50 years. This influx in residents has significantly contributed to the number of fatal pedestrian accidents that occur on Florida roadways.

Between 2000 and 2009, there were 5,100 pedestrian deaths in Florida. The roads throughout the metro areas of Florida have gained a great deal of attention due their defects that can cause an increased risk of fatal pedestrian accidents.