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Injuries often happen when you least expect them, in ways you could not have anticipated. A sudden, catastrophic injury can leave you feeling confused and helpless. In the days and weeks following an injury, victims and their loved ones may ask themselves: Why did this happen? Who is responsible? What should I do now? In many cases, the answers to these questions can be found with the help of a compassionate personal injury lawyer.

The personal injury attorneys at the Winston Law Firm have been serving clients in the Fort Lauderdale area and throughout the state of Florida since 1989. The firm is a civil litigation practice concentrating in the areas of wrongful death, personal injury, medical malpractice, and civil rights litigation.  We work tirelessly to help injury victims get the answers they need and the justice they deserve. Our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys have spent decades fighting for the rights of injured individuals and their families. To discuss your experience with our understanding and informed legal team, contact us today at [phone-number].

Our Practice Areas

As part of our commitment to providing effective representation for victims of accidents and injuries, we are proud to take on a diverse array of Fort Lauderdale personal injury cases. Our experience with injury litigation extends to the following practice areas and beyond:

Our Mission Statement

At the Winston Law Firm our lawyers specialize in plaintiff litigation. We represent the “little guy” against the “big guy” and work to get fair compensation for civil wrongs against victims.

By constantly fighting for our clients and always going the extra mile, our attorneys provide legal representation that means that we are “actively working” for each and every client that we have. We understand how valuable your time is and are prepared to take your case where it needs to be. Our team is dedicated to the philosophy that a client that is not being serviced is a liability. You should not be forced to suffer an unnecessary length of time because of the inactivity of an attorney.

Our team hopes to provide strong representation in order to get you a fair deal. We conserve our resources to offer each and every case the attention it deserves and will be by your side through every step of your case.

The attorneys of the Winston Law Firm firmly believe that each client deserves our full attention. When we take on your case, we are putting our resources and our reputation on the line. We welcome clients into our practice family and work to build the relationship necessary to get victims the compensation they need.

This is your case and only you know what it will take to put the injustice behind you. We are here to help by providing you the information, resources, and experience you need to fight for compensation.

Our Philosophy

The attorneys at the Winston Law Firm believe in a few simple principles which guide our firm and are applied to every case and every client:

  • First and foremost, the client is a person and a member of our family.
  • We become your partner when we accept you as our client. Our legal system sets up a situation in which we begin with whatever wrong you have suffered and then utilize our work, expertise, experience and financial strength to form a team.
  • All parts of this team work together until the close of the case, and only in doing so can the client be given the right options.  In other words, our clients are people, not numbers, and are treated as such.

We are experienced personal injury attorneys who make it a priority to listen to our clients and involve them in all crucial aspects of the case. All of the attorneys and staff at the firm find our profession rewarding because we help people who need help.  We strive to provide every client with the individual attention that we would demand if any one of us was involved in an incident causing us to suffer injuries and damages.

We also make it a point to only take on cases that are valid and supported by the facts and the law.  These are often cases involving difficult legal issues or catastrophic injuries and require that we bring them to resolution as quickly and efficiently as we can.  When a law firm or lawyer is handling too many cases, the clients are not given full attention on a frequent basis.

We reject the idea of taking on a greater amount of cases than we can competently and efficiently work on.  Moreover, we do not take cases we are not willing to take to trial in a courtroom. To do otherwise would detract from our ability to know each client, their case, and the stage at which each case is at any given time.

Contact An Attorney

As you pick up the pieces following a devastating injury, a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer can be an invaluable source of support. Don’t hesitate to contact the attorneys of the Winston Law Firm at [phone-number] to discuss your case in detail.

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