California woman receives $22 million from malpractice lawsuit

California malpractice lawsuit

In 2006, a woman entered the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in California in order to seek treatment for her chronic migraines. She had been a patient for several years, and only underwent non-invasive procedures. Doctors decided to perform an angiogram on the woman.

The patient was unaware of the risks associated with this procedure, and was also not aware of the fact that this was a highly invasive procedure. Doctors injected a colored dye into a blood vessel in the woman’s brain, and, almost immediately, she fell into a coma. She remained in a coma for approximately two weeks. Once she awoke, she was classified as a quadriplegic.

The woman needs constant care and attention every single day of the year. Her medical costs reach up to $350,000 a year. She is confined to a wheelchair, and her speech has slowed. The jury in her case awarded her $22 million in damages.

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