Man falls 20 feet in Fort Lauderdale crash

Man falls 20 feet

A 23-year-old man survived a 20-foot fall in Fort Lauderdale after his new vehicle flew off of an exit ramp and onto an entrance ramp two stories below. Besides burns from the deployed airbags, the man was not harmed in the crash.

The accident occurred on the I-95 southbound ramp. Safety officials of the state have deemed that exit ramp as one of the most dangerous in the county. There is a sharp 90-degree turn on the loop, and if drivers are not aware of its existence, they do not have the time to correct their speed.

The man’s vehicle landed on its wheels, but he has no recollection of how he ended up 20 feet below his initial exit. The accident caused two-hour delays for other drivers on the road. He was cited for driving too fast.

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