Construction Negligence

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With the budding economy and increased technology, U.S. businesses and homeowners want newer, bigger, and better structures for their homes and businesses. In order to complete these projects and maintain our existing infrastructure, construction is an inevitable reality. Despite the dangers of constructions sites, we should, however, be able to depend on the responsibility of construction crews and managers to be diligent in making sure construction sites do not make surrounding roads and highways dangerous.

Regrettably, construction sites and crews do not always live up to this responsibility, causing innocent people serious harm in accidents. In such a situation, those who have been harmed by construction site negligence may be able to hold the responsible construction or municipal bodies responsible for their losses. Contact the experienced Fort Lauderdale construction negligence lawyers of the Winston Law Firm, P.A., today by calling 954-475-9666.

Types of Construction Negligence

Construction negligence can take many forms. For instance, some common types of construction negligence involve:

  • Failure to clear debris / foreign objects from walkways
  • Failure to patch uneven pavement / potholes
  • Failure to erect warning / notification signs
  • Failure to replace broken or damaged equipment

These are all examples of construction negligence that could easily cause a serious injury to an unsuspecting person. While these injuries can be burdensome, they should not be financially so when another person is at fault.

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The construction company or municipal body that fails to ensure the safety of the roads you drive on should be held financially responsible for your losses, suffering, and expenses. Contact a qualified Fort Lauderdale construction negligence attorney of the Winston Law Firm, P.A., today at 954-475-9666.

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