Pedestrian Accident

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Thousands of people who choose to walk near roads are killed in the U.S. each year, transforming walking from a pleasurable past time activity into a potentially lethal one. In fact, a study conducted by Transportation for America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving our nation’s roads and transportation safety, ranked four Florida cities as being the most dangerous places for pedestrians.

If you or someone you know has been struck by a vehicle while traveling on foot, you should be informed of your legal rights. You may be able to seek financial compensation for medical expenses and other damages. Contact the Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident attorneys of [firm-name] at [phone-number] to schedule a free consultation.

Most Dangerous Areas for Pedestrians

Any area where traffic and pedestrians coexist holds many dangers; however, certain areas can be significantly more hazardous for pedestrians. Some of the most unsafe areas for pedestrians include:

  • Urban areas
  • Roads without sidewalks
  • Roads lacking pedestrian ramps
  • 3-way intersections
  • Crosswalks that span more than 3 lanes

Although it is prudent to always be cautious when walking next to a road, these particularly treacherous areas require pedestrians to be even more alert so as to avoid a potentially life-changing accident. Regrettably, motorists may not extend the same courtesy to pedestrians.

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The injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident are likely to be severe due to the lack of protection for pedestrians and the imbalance of size, weight, and speed between a person and a motor vehicle. Accordingly, medical bills are likely to be substantial, and may push one to the brink of financial ruin. This is but one reason why legal action may be necessary. Contact the Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident lawyers of [firm-name] by calling [phone-number] to discuss your potential case.

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