Electrical Injuries

Fort Lauderdale Electrical Injury Lawyers

Power lines and overgrown trees are never a good combination. Neither are neglected electrical panels, exposed wires, power lines downed during hurricanes, and other preventable hazards that can cause injury or death if ignored or left untended.

A Florida law firm skilled in cases involving electrocution and injuries from exposed wires knows where the fault lies.

Even in the workplace, electrical injuries to workers, vendors or visitors stemming from poor maintenance or delayed repairs can range from burns to cardiac arrest, even physical disability, permanent disfigurement and emotional trauma. In fact, 9% of all workplace injuries stem from electrical contact or electrocution.

These accidents often are preventable. Electrical utilities must comply with the National Electrical Safety Code standards for powerline and utility pole maintenance, positioning, height and distance from other structures or rights of way. Property owners must follow strict building codes to ensure compliance and avoid injury in the workplace.

Following hurricanes, downed power lines killing passersby are a common occurrence. According to news reports, 118 people died and hundreds more were injured from 2007 to 2020 when they come in contact with Florida Power & Light power lines and equipment.

The owners of private or commercial properties, municipalities, state and federal departments of transportation, and others who have electrical service are legally responsible for ensuring their power installations are maintained in safe operating order.

Winston Law Firm attorneys have handled countless of these cases and therefore understand how traumatic and life-changing these accidents can be.

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