Common Vehicle Defects that could lead to injuries

When you purchase a vehicle, you should be able to assume that the vehicle is safe for you to drive, as it is the responsibility of the manufacturer and designer to provide safe vehicles. Unfortunately, far too many cases of defective vehicle car accidents and injuries occur in the U.S. each year, resulting in millions of dollars of costs for drivers. However, if a vehicle manufacturer is found to have been negligent and released a defective vehicle to consumers, he or she may be held legally responsible for the resulting repercussions.

In product liability lawsuits, injured consumers can sometimes get financial compensation from negligent product manufacturers when they’ve suffered undue harm at the hands of a defective product. If your vehicle is defective and has caused an accident or injury, contact a qualified Fort Lauderdale defective vehicles attorney of The Winston Law Firm today at 954-475-9666 to discuss your legal options.

Common Vehicle Defects

Vehicles are extremely complicated pieces of machinery, and any defect, even a minor one, could have devastating consequences. Despite the known dangers of automotive defects, many defects in vehicles still occur frequently, such as:

  • Brake problems
  • Steering problems
  • Defective airbags
  • Seat belt problems
  • Structural defects / weaknesses

These problems may seem simple, but they have the potential to lead to significant injury in the event of a car accident. Additionally, drivers could be in danger of suffering not only physical injuries, but also financial burdens, such as paying for treatment and recovery from their injuries, as a result of these defects. Fortunately, they may qualify for legal compensation if their harm was caused by a negligent manufacturer.

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