Real Estate Deposits

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A real estate deposit is money you put down on a house or condo that is under construction. When you sign a contract and hand over a deposit, you do so in the belief that you will soon be living under your own, brand new roof. Sadly, in today’s economic climate, many real estate developers have delayed or halted construction on residential projects. In these situations it may be possible to get your deposit back, but developers are often unwilling to return the money without a fight.

At Winston Law Firm, we understand how frustrating it is to know that your hard-earned money is in the hands of an unscrupulous real estate developer, and we are dedicated to using our legal knowledge and skills to help clients pursue these lost investments. To discuss your experience and find out if we can help, contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney at (954) 475-9666.

Real Estate Deposits and the Law

People who lose their real estate deposits often feel they have no recourse when the contractor fails to follow through. Fortunately, there are laws at the federal and state levels that say otherwise. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be protected by laws such as:

  • The “Condo” Act
  • The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILSA)

In many cases, depositors can recover the payments they made to condo and housing developers. Many cases never go to court, and are instead settled to the depositors’ advantage in the pre-trial stage. By acting quickly and decisively, you and your attorney may be able to recover what is rightfully yours.

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We have extensive experience in helping people who bought homes or condos on a pre-construction basis.  The right to cancel a contract and seek return of the deposit may be there for you, but we will need to review the documents relating to the sale of the home or condo before advising you. There is no charge for the review of documents to tell you if you have a good case, and we take these cases on a contingent fee basis.

The attorneys of Winston Law Firm, are proud to help individuals and families stand up against dishonest real estate practices. To schedule a consultation with a Fort Lauderdale real estate deposits lawyer, contact us today at (954) 475-9666.