Truck Defects

Fort Lauderdale Truck Defect Attorneys

Trucks and 18-wheelers are arguably on the road more frequently than almost any other vehicle. As such, ensuring that the trucks are properly maintained and cared for is imperative both for the truck driver’s safety and the safety of all other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, the negligence of responsible parties, such as the manufacturer, trucking company, or even the truckers themselves can cause vital parts of a truck to malfunction, causing disastrous and serious accidents.

When you or someone you love has been injured in a crash caused by a truck defect or malfunction, all aspects of your life may be affected. At [firm-name], our Fort Lauderdale truck malfunction attorneys are prepared to assist you as you seek financial compensation for the harm that you have suffered. Contact our team of experienced lawyers at [phone-number] today.

Frequent Dangers

There are many parts to a truck that are crucial to the proper functioning and safety of an 18-wheeler. Some, however, are more apt to be defective and cause severe accidents. Some of the most common cases of truck defects that we handle at [firm-name], include:

In case of either of the above, a truck driver is unlikely to be able to control his or her vehicle, creating an imminent hazard for all who are in the vicinity. Accordingly, the appropriate parties should be held accountable for the consequences of their negligence, whether in the design, manufacture, installation, or maintenance of these parts.

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Do not hesitate to seek legal counsel and representation if you have been hurt in an accident which resulted from a defective or malfunctioning commercial truck. Insurance is unlikely to cover the full range of costs incurred, and you should not be left to pay them out of pocket. Contact a Fort Lauderdale truck defect lawyer of [firm-name], by calling [phone-number].

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