10 Tips for Hiring the Right Attorney

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Most people don’t look for an attorney until they have an emergency, and then they often settle for whoever they can find. Remember, when you hire a lawyer, it’s your responsibility to determine whether someone is qualified.

Simply because someone has a law degree and is willing to discuss your case doesn’t mean they are competent to handle it. We’ve put together a guide to help you make the right choice. Here are some of the tips featured in our guide – “Making the Right Choice” – available as a free download.

Here are 10 quick tips from our free guide that will start you on the right path to finding the right attorney.

Tip 1.
People who are desperate and in a panic to find an attorney are not likely to find the right attorney. As with anything else, it pays to do research and take time when hiring someone to act on your behalf.

Tip 2.

Tip 3.
Don’t wait until you are in the middle of a legal nightmare before hiring an attorney is that it will likely cost you a lot more.

Tip 4.
Consult with an attorney before taking any action such as any of the following:

  • Buying property
  • Signing documents
  • Divorcing a spouse
  • Moving to or from one country to another
  • Taking a new job
  • Taking administrative action against a governmental entity
  • Engaging in an activity that could get you arrested.

Actually, this is list is longer. You get the gist.

Tip 5.
Consulting an attorney on a preventative basis allows you to take the time to find a lawyer who you like and feel confident with in case you ever need legal services.

Tip 6.
Don’t believe attorneys who tell you that though they never handled a specific type of case but can easily research everything they need to know.

Tip 7.
Hire an attorney in the state where the suit is filed. Chances are they will have good relationships with other local lawyers and judges that could prove helpful in your case.

Tip. 8
Hire a specialist because they regularly and consistently practices in a particular area of the law, are well versed in that area, have extensive experience, and keep abreast of changes in the area of law.

Tip. 9
Don’t hire an attorney based on where they went to school. The fact is, law schools don’t teach lawyers how to practice law.

Tip 10.
Young lawyers are new and often more careful and put much more time and effort into your representation than an older attorney. As long as they have a safety net and can look to more experienced attorneys for guidance, there is nothing wrong with having an associate handle aspect of your case.

Download our complimentary guide – “Making the Right Choice” – for more tips on hiring the right attorney.