Baby floats to surface of lake after car accident

Baby floats to surface of lake after car accident

On Tuesday, a couple was involved in a car accident after the car fell into a South Florida lake after they got into an argument, and their 3-year-old daughter, Sariyah Michel, floated to the surface.

Deputy Cazi Navarro was one officer at the scene who rescued the little girl along with her mother, Catherine Copeland.

Sandro Michel, Sariyah’s father, drowned in the incident.  Michel had been on probation for domestic violence, and was under court mandate not to contact Copeland except to arrange for visitations with Sariyah.

Copeland was driving the car that had the child inside. Michel’s car hit Copeland causing her to lose control of the vehicle and fall in the lake.  According to Deputy Michael Francis, the baby was found “…kind of lifeless, her arms were dangling, no responsiveness, no consciousness…”  Sariyah was rushed to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL.


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