Florida Counties with the Most Accidents

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Florida drivers have a reputation for driving carelessly. This likely explains why we have so many accidents. As our population continues to grow year-round – and even more during the winter months – so do our accident rates.  

As expected, there are certain cities in the Sunshine State that seem to have the highest number of collisions, according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). Below is a breakdown of each of these counties, as well as their average number of accidents per year: 

● Miami-Dade (65,252)

● Broward (41,178)

● Orange (31,505)

● Hillsborough (28,700)

● Palm Beach (27,017)

● Duval (24,140)

● Pinellas (17,640)

● Lee (12,627)

● Polk (11,659)

● Volusia (9,900)

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents 

It would make sense if the majority of Florida’s car accidents occurred during our infamous heavy afternoon thunderstorms. Yet, oddly enough, the FLHSMV says most of Florida’s accidents occur during clear, sun-lit days. So, what is it that causes these car accidents? 

●     Distracted driving. Drivers may be distracted in all sorts of ways, such as by using cell phones, talking to passengers, eating, applying makeup, and more. 

●     Aggressive, reckless, and careless driving. This includes not using signals, weaving, tailgating, etc. It is important to always follow traffic laws when behind the wheel.

●     Driving under the influence. This is a deadly combination that should be avoided. 

Involved in an Accident? Here’s What to Do

If you spend much time at all on the roads in Florida, you may one day find yourself involved in an accident. Knowing what to do in this situation may benefit you down the road – especially if you have been injured. 

First, call for help. Whether or not it appears that anyone has been injured, it is important to contact law enforcement to have a formal report written up. Make sure to do the following. We know some of these steps seem obvious, but accidents have a way of jolting us, and having a plan ahead of time will help. 

  • Gather the other driver’s contact and insurance information. 
  • Obtain witness information. 
  • Note the time and location of the accident,
  • Write down the make and model and license plates of all cars involved. 
  • Take photos of the damage and the surrounding scene. 
  • Document your injuries.

Shortly after the accident, the insurance company from the other driver will likely try to reach out to you to settle – in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit. Before going any further – speak to an attorney. 

Accidents happen every day. It does not matter how safely you drive – there are so many others on the road with you. And, it only takes one quick move or poor choice to have devastating results.