Child Car Seat Defects

Fort Lauderdale Child Car Seat Defects

Families with small children tend to use their vehicles regularly and, as such, depend on the various safety features that a vehicle has to ensure the safety of their children. Unfortunately, even if a general vehicle is safe, features like child safety seats may be defective in some way, posing a serious threat to the physical safety of your child. Sadly, many children suffer preventable injuries every year in the U.S. because of unsafe child safety seats.

Because it is the responsibility of car seat manufacturers and designers to produce safe to use car seats, they can be held financially accountable for any repercussions that a defective seat may cause. If your child has been hurt because of a defective child car seat, contact the experienced and compassionate Fort Lauderdale child car seat defects attorneys of the Winston Law Firm, P.A., today by calling us at 954-475-9666. We may be able to help you get financial compensation for your child’s injuries, which can help make this difficult time financially easier.

Common Defects

There are several defects that are commonly reported in association with child car seats. These defects include those involving:

  • Design flaws
  • Damaged / non-working locks
  • Belt problems
  • Handle malfunctions
  • Use of flammable materials

These defects can be extremely dangerous for a child, especially in the event of a car accident. As such, you, as a parent, might have resources for legal retribution.

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If your small child has been hurt in a car accident because of a dangerous child car seat, contact a qualified Fort Lauderdale child car seat defects lawyer of the Winston Law Firm, P.A., today at 954-475-9666.

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