Lack of Signs

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Car accidents can be the result of many different causes, although each can have devastating results. Unfortunately, one very preventable way in which far too many drivers are injured in car accidents each year is due to missing highway signs. Highway drivers depend on traffic signs greatly, relying on them to tell them the direction in which to drive, upcoming obstacles or important information, safe speeds at which to travel, and more. When local municipal agencies fail to replace any damaged or missing traffic signs or put them in places where they are needed, many innocent drivers could suffer the results.

If you have been injured in a highway accident because an essential traffic sign was missing, you could be eligible to take legal action against the responsible government body. Contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale missing road signs attorney of the Winston Law Firm, P.A., today to discuss your situation and if you can seek compensation by calling 954-475-9666.

Necessary Signs

While every sign serves an important purpose, there are certain ones that provide essential information that drivers need to be able to drive carefully and safely. Some of these include the following:

  • Merging signs
  • Speed limit signs
  • Entrance / exit signs
  • Construction signs

All of these signs are important, both to be posted and to be maintained by municipalities, and if they are absent or damaged, drivers could be at a higher risk for being involved in an accident.

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If you or someone you know has suffered injury in an auto accident because of a missing traffic sign, contact a qualified Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer of the Winston Law Firm, P.A., today at 954-475-9666. Our dedicated legal team works diligently to get our clients the compensation they need as the victims of negligent municipal agencies.

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