Drunk Driving

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Because of the sheer number of hours commercial truck drivers spend on the road and the devastating effects that any accident involving an 18-wheeler is likely to have, a stricter set of laws regarding drinking and driving is in place for any person operating a vehicle with a commercial driver’s license (CDL). When a truck driver fails to follow these regulations and acts irresponsibly by driving impaired, the consequences can be heartbreaking.

When a driver chooses to drive while intoxicated, causing you or someone you love to be injured as a result, they deserve to be held accountable for their actions. Discuss your legal options and how the Fort Lauderdale drunk driving accident victim lawyers of [firm-name], can help you get the compensation you may deserve, by contacting us at [phone-number] today.

Being Convicted of a DUI

In order to protect other drivers, CDL holders are governed by a strict set of drinking and driving laws. The standards which they must adhere to and the consequences of violating these standards are as follows:

  • A driver is driving impaired if their BAC level is .04 or above
  • For a first offense, a driver has their license disqualified for one year
  • For a subsequent offense, a driver has their license disqualified for life
  • CDL drivers are considered to have already given implied consent for alcohol testing

If you have been hurt in a crash caused by a truck driver who has been convicted of DUI charges or who is currently facing a DUI case, then you will almost certainly be able to demonstrate that he or she bears legal responsibility for your accident. Accordingly, you may be able to recover financial compensation for medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other damages.

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