Slip-and-fall victim wins suit against Kroger

A slip-and-fall accident

Recently, a man who filed suit against Kroger after injuring himself in a slip-and-fall accident at their store won his case with a $2.3 million verdict. The accident occurred in May 2008 when the 49-year-old slipped on a pile of spilled, crushed fruit on the floor at a Kroger in Douglasville, Georgia.

The plaintiff’s spinal cord was seriously damaged when he slipped, and he incurred $135,000 in medical bills from the treatment and surgery needed to repair it. Furthermore, the man–who worked as a commercial landscaper–was not able to work because of his injuries.

The grocer told the court that they do not keep surveillance video footage for more than 17 days and they no longer had footage from the day of the man’s accident. The defense also claimed that the surveillance cameras at their store did not capture action where the accident occurred.

However, investigations revealed that one of the cameras at the store aimed directly at where the man was injured. The court found Kroger negligent for allowing the accident to occur and destroying evidence.

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