3 Common Accidents Between Cars and Bicycles

Cycling has been a favorite pastime and method of exercise for over a century, but using a bicycle as a main form of transportation is becoming increasingly popular with the current rise in gas prices. Unfortunately, however, the ability to ride a bike safely on roads is often marred by drivers who are not paying attention to their surroundings or otherwise driving recklessly.

Without the protection that a car provides, cyclists are at a much greater risk for being gravely injured or killed in an accident. If you are a cyclist who has been hurt in a car accident caused by another individual, contact a Fort Lauderdale accident attorney of Winston Law, today at 954-475-9666 to discuss your case.

Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

Each year, thousands of cyclists are injured in accidents involving cars. Knowing the most common ways that these accidents occur can help you be more aware of where danger awaits cyclists. The following are three common types of accidents that affect cyclists:

#1: Crosswalk Collisions

Many bike riders are hit while cycling on a crosswalk by drivers who fail to check both directions when making a turn.

#2: Turning at Stop Lights

As the light turns green and a cyclist pulls forward, a motorist may turn into the bicyclist since bikes are often on the outer edge of the road to the right of the driver. This type of accident often happens because drivers are paying more attention to the red light than others nearby.

#3: Rear-End Collisions

Many bicycle accidents occur when a bicyclist is hit from behind, typically because the driver is not paying attention and drives too close to the cyclist.

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