Food-Related Product Liability Lawsuits

Food-Related Product Liability Lawsuits

Consumers in the United States have an expectation that the goods they purchase will not expose them to an undue risk of harm. They are protected by a number of laws and regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. However, dangerous food and beverage products still frequently reach store shelves due to the inability of these measures to guarantee a 100% success rate in inspection and enforcement. Individuals who buy and consume unsafe food products may suffer severe illness and might be able to sue for compensation.

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Representative Dangers

There are many different steps in our modern food distribution system and inadequate care during any of them can create a needless danger. Producers have an obligation to be forthright about the condition and circumstances of the source, truckers and food companies must ensure that transportation and packaging are conducted appropriately, and grocers must serve as a final line of defense in the identification of unsafe products.

The following are representative dangers that can arise when there is a breakdown of these measures:

  • Inaccurate labeling can lead to a consumer being exposed to undisclosed allergens
  • Inaccurate date labeling can lead to the consumption of spoiled food and associated illness
  • Food may become contaminated by bacteria if not properly stored and transported
  • Food tainted by disease or bacteria may reach consumers if inspections are not adequately performed

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