How We Work

How We Work

No Costs. No Fees. Unless We Collect Money for You.

We operate primarily on a contingency basis which ensures that the client does not pay the attorney a fee unless a recovery is made. If we do not recover, you don’t pay. Contact us for a more detailed explanation. We work in strict compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Bar on contingency fee cases.

Our Case Management Philosophy

At [firm-name], we thoroughly investigate all of our claims, and “work them up”. This means we will pay to develop it with the right investigators and experts. For instance, a slip and fall case may require an expert in the building code, a medical malpractice case will require doctors, an airplane crash will likely require pilots and engineers to testify about exactly why you are entitled to money from the defendant who caused your injury.

If you’re badly hurt, we may hire an economist to tell the jury about how your lost wage claim works out in the future, or we may hire a vocational rehabilitation expert to set up a life care plan for your future care.

The firm prides itself on its use of technology as well. Our offices are paperless and organized, and we use Legal-Eze Graphics Company for accident animations, medical illustrations Power Point presentations whenever possible. We will spend the right amount of money to make your case the best it can be before we present it for a settlement or trial.

You don’t have to go to court if you don’t want to. We will often try to settle your case before we file suit, to spare you time and expenses out of your money recovery. It is nice to know that the insurance companies keep track of which attorneys will go to trial in the first place, and who have the experience and the ability to do an excellent job. If you are being represented by another attorney, ask him of her to tell you exactly how many jury verdicts he or she has obtained in your kind of case. Then ask how many of their jury verdicts were in excess of $1 million dollars.

We pledge to work your case up aggressively and settle it for its fair and just value (when YOU are ready), and if necessary we will litigate your claim to a court settlement, resolution or jury verdict, depending on what is right for you and your family. We pay the costs in advance and you pay nothing if we don’t get you money.

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