Identifying a Broken Rib

Identifying a Broken Rib

Certain bones in the human body are more likely to be broken, including fingers, toes, wrists and ankles. Other bones, however, are rather difficult to break and require a great deal of trauma before a fracture is sustained. Ribs, because of the muscles surrounding them, are typically some of the hardest bones to break and it can be difficult for an individual to detect that his or her rib has been broken.

Car accidents frequently lead to broken ribs, but a physical examination and expensive diagnostic tests may necessary to determine that you have suffered a rib fracture. If you have sustained broken ribs due to the negligence or recklessness of another party, the injury attorneys of [firm-name], can help you to explore your legal options. Contact us at [phone-number].


Broken ribs can lead to several more serious complications, including punctured lungs, internal bleeding or pneumonia. By recognizing the early signs of a broken rib, you can potentially prevent your condition from worsening. Some common symptoms include:

  • Being unable to draw a deep breath
  • Blood in your urine or when you cough
  • Chest tenderness or a crackling feeling in the chest
  • Pain when breathing

If you believe you may have a broken rib as the result of any injury, you should always consult a doctor before pursuing any other action.

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