Bedsores and Patient Neglect

Bedsores and Patient Neglect

Many hospital patients and nursing home residents suffer from medical conditions that confine them to their beds. Some lack the ability to take even the most basic care of their bodies by periodically moving themselves. As a consequence, their circulatory system may fail to function properly. It is the responsibility of the healthcare professionals caring for these patients and residents to provide the care necessary to prevent dangerous pressure ulcers from forming. These ulcers are commonly referred to as bedsores.

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Stages of Bedsore Development

Bedsores can usually be detected early before they become a serious health risk, and amount to little more than superficial discomfort when treated quickly and effectively. However, neglect can lead to the injuries developing unchecked, and the may quickly become a serious health issue. Pressure ulcers are classified in the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Simple redness and irritation
  • Stage 2 – Blistering and rough abrasions that effect only the outer layer of the kin
  • Stage 3 – Damage which penetrates the entire dermal layer, and in some cases subcutaneous tissue.
  • Stage 4 – The most extensive damage possible, affecting tendons, muscles, and bones.

Due to the necessity of effective blood flow to the healing process, it is often extremely difficult to treat bedsores when they have been identified in the more advanced stages, and permanent tissue damage is difficult to avoid.

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Neglect of bedridden hospital patients and nursing home residents is unacceptable. If you or a loved one has suffered from pressure ulcers as a consequence of negligent care, contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer at [firm-name], by calling [phone-number] today.

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