The Parts of a Tort

The Parts of a Tort

Accidents can be damaging in multiple ways, whether it’s a physical injury, emotional injury, property destruction or the many rippling effects that can result from these damages. Fortunately for victims of unexpected and traumatizing accidents, there is a section of law, called tort law, which helps determine liability in the event of one of these accidents. Tort law has a variety of requirements that must be met, however, in order for a person to be considered responsible for negligence.

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4 Elements

Proving that someone has committed a reckless act that endangered you can be complicated because of the many factors under which they must qualify. These elements of a tort include:

  • Duty of Care – The accountable party must have a duty to protect the safety of others
  • Negligence of Care – The responsible party must have neglected to perform their duty of care
  • Direct Cause – The damages must have been caused as a direct result of the other party’s actions
  • Damages – Personal damages must result from the direct actions of another person

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